doing nothing(s), 2020

doing nothing(s) has appeared in a sort of personal rebooting period, in which most of the processes occurred in my head.

some weeks ago, i found myself under a cleaning spree, – the ultimate lockdown accomplishing-something kind of thing among cooking and baking and planting, the can-actually-see-the-result-activities, – during which i was aiming to remove a stain from under the bathtub and to do so i had to remove its sides. after unscrewing what was necessary, i realised that in order to take the sides apart, i had to fully unscrew a cabinet from the nearby. i had done this thoroughly, and after removing the doors of the cabinet, i realised that i had to remove the sink so that i pull it out completely (as needed). but to remove the sink, i needed to deal with the pipes! how will i do this? what if i break something? i would have definitely needed a plumber then. and so, an hour and a half later, i found myself putting everything back in as it was.

the stain remains.

(social-economical ghosts have been haunting me ever since I started my own self-isolation, in january. what are you doing. where is it. how is it. what is your plan. how productive are you. just because you work from 9 to 5 does it really mean you work from 9 to 5?

what was prolonged with a lockdown has now brought me back to the studio.

so i guess sometimes doing nothing leads to something*.

*yes, that francis alys’ work reference)